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Guardian rebels is a continuing body of work by Jacqueline de Montaigne that the artist started in 2019 which originated as an 3 piece 7 x 2.5m installation originally created for the House of Beautiful Business, a 4 days seminar/event focusing on renowned international activists and speakers. Speakers included Ed Gillespie, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, a global environmental movement which is renowned for it's use of art work and simple monochrome block printing  in it's global messages and identity.  The magnitude of the movement and their visual identity and use of old school biology diagrams and illustrations is what inspired Jacqueline's larger than life ‘guardians’ with their saint like halo’s representing what she likes to think of as  ‘modern day saints’ (21st century activists) bringing awareness to environmental emergencies,  social injustices, subjects riddled with stigma and general activist themes through the detailed informative, symbolic and representative imagery and texts painted over their bodies. 

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