WITHIN is a new and introspective body of work that was started in 2021 but it has been planned for over 20 years by Jacqueline who first told a bit of her own story on and through a self portrait she created when she was 18. The Introspect paintings explore our fears, passions, memories and experiences that have shaped us over our life time.  It also delves into the stigmas and stereotypes we have clung to or been labelled with by those around us - societies need to compartmentalise it's perception of everyone for it's own sense of comfort. These themes will be explored through interviews Jacqueline has conducted with her chosen subjects which have also fuelled the creation of imaginary characters to use to pursue some of the subjects discussed in more detail. The information gathered will be broken down in this body of work through story telling with the use of symbolic images and texts tattooed across the figures. 


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