JACQUELINE DE MONTAIGNE is an Anglo-Portuguese painter, mural and pasteup artist whose dramatic, nature infused figurative art can be found in international galleries and Portugal's prominent street art scene.

Jacqueline's work is introspective and often autobiographical, where secondary texts, images and the visual identity of her figures are expressed as manifestos and celebrations of nonconformity, going against stereotypes and stigmas. Nature is used throughout the artists work as a contrasting delicate and fragile calm to what are often dramatic themes.

The artists more recent works reconnect her subjects with their emotions and roots , transforming them with a predominantly monochromatic palette - often illuminating them with precious metals, be it a 300m2 street mural, pasteup, a large canvas or a tiny scientific-grade painting.

Jacqueline has exhibited her work in national and international galleries in both solo and collective shows since the age of 14 with her first sellout show a year later and an invitation to do a short apprenticeship in Paula Rego´s studio in London at the age of 19.  With her art represented in both private and public international collections, Jacqueline's work has been shown in Eton, London, Cumbria, Lisbon, Porto, Tenerife, Madrid, Miami and in an international touring exhibition based in South Africa. Social initiatives and campaigns using Jacqueline’s work have been used in Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Although self taught, the artist had the privilege of growing up under the eye of her two artistic grandfathers, a botanical painter and a BAFTA winning art producer. Much of her childhood was spent in their studios, observing, learning, experimenting and creating .

Jacqueline has an academic - activist background in medical ethics in paediatric nutrition, a subject she took 8 years out of the art world to pursue after the birth of her youngest son. Jacqueline returned to her art career full time in 2018. 

Jacqueline currently lives in the coastal town of Cascais in Portugal where she maintains a full time studio practise. 

Jacqueline de Montaigne's work is currently on show or available through:

Landmark Street art Gallery, Cumbria - UK

Ben Oakley Gallery, London - UK

Espaço Exibicionista, Lisbon - Portugal

Merc'art, Lisbon - Portugal

Heidi Gubbins design studio - Marbella, Spain 


Ben Oakley Gallery, TWO MAN SHOW, Jacqueline de Montaigne & ATM, Sep 2021, London - UK 

Ben Oakley gallery, Mural, Greenwich, Sep 2021, London - UK



Prelude, Artcan, 23 Feb - 23 March, online, UK based

Change, Culture matters, - Feb 2021, Lisbon - Portugal

Inner animals, Colletivo 284, March 2021, Lisbon - Portugal 

TRANS | FORM, Art Can, curated by Gita Joshi, 2021, London - UK

JUNE COLLECTIVE, Espaço Exibicionista, June 2021, Lisbon - Portugal

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