Photo credit: Marina Aguiar 

JACQUELINE DE MONTAIGNE is an Anglo-Portuguese painter, mural and pasteup artist whose dramatic, nature infused figurative art can be found in international galleries and Portugal's prominent street art scene.

Jacqueline is a self-taught artist with an academic background in medical ethics and health sciences who only plucked up the courage to pursue her art career full time in 2018. Her work is now represented in both private and public international collections with over 50 private and public murals under her belt as well as having her art used in initiatives for social change in Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Her work is introspective and often autobiographical, where secondary texts, images and the visual identity of her figures are used to explore our true nature versus imposed beliefs and societal expectations.                                                                                                                                Nature also has a strong presence throughout the artist's work, bringing an ethereal calm where the chosen fauna and flora each have symbolic meanings.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Swallows frequently appear in the artist's work and represent sanctuary, while birds in general represent resilience and the moths which are another common motif in her work represent metamorphosis. The language of flowers is also explored throughout Jacquelines work with magnolias for example, symbolising femininity, freesias-innocence, and poppies-consolation and so on.


Watercolour is her preferred medium which she fell in love with as a child, originally wanting to pursue scientific illustration.                                       Regardless of the surface she is working on, she always tries to manipulate her materials to resemble the effects and fluidity of watercolours - often encompassing her subjects in precious metals whether a small scientific grade watercolour, a large canvas or a 400m/2 public street art mural on a weathered concrete wall. 


Jacqueline currently lives in Cascais, Portugal, where she maintains a full time studio practise.



Jacqueline de Montaigne's work is currently on show or available through:

Landmark Street art Gallery, Cumbria - UK

Ben Oakley Gallery, London - UK

Espaço Exibicionista, Lisbon - Portugal

Culture Matters, Lisbon - Portugal

ICON, Lisbon - Portugal 

Heidi Gubbins design studio - Marbella, Spain 



JF Parede e Carcavelos - mural intervention, June 2021

MURO Lisbon street art festival - Parque das nações, mural intervention, July 2021

Conversas na Rua street art festival - Amadora Sintra, mural intervention, September 2021

Ben Oakley gallery, Mural, Greenwich, Oct 2021, London - UK

London international paste-up festival, paste-up, Oct 2021, Shoreditch - UK

Blank wall assassins, mural, 2022, Cumbria - UK


Ben Oakley Gallery, Two man show, Jacqueline de Montaigne & ATM, Oct 2021, London - UK 

Espaço Exibicionista, Solo show, Lisbon, Nov 2021, Lisbon - Portugal 


Inner animals - Colletivo 284 - July 8th - 2021, Lisbon - Portugal 

Apocryphu - Espaço Exibicionista - July 9th - 2021, Lisbon - Portugal

The Canvas project - Tebbs contemporary, October 2021 - March 2022 - London

TRANS | FORM - Art Can - curated by Gita Joshi, Nov 2021, London - UK

Change, Culture matters - Nov 2021, Lisbon - Portugal