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Photo credit: Stuart Walker 

JACQUELINE DE MONTAIGNE is a Portuguese painter and muralist whose dramatic, nature infused figurative art can be found in international galleries and the prominent international street art scene where her unique and exclusive use of classical gilding techniques in an urban context, has become her signature.


​De Montaigne is a self-taught artist with an academic background in medical ethics and health sciences, who only decided to pursue her art career fully in 2018. The artists work is represented in both private and public international collections with over 100 private and public large scale murals in her portfolio as well as consecutive sellout solo shows. 

Jacquelines public art has been ranked 35 in the worlds top 100 murals by Street art Cities in January 2023, with her mural The Language of Flowers situated in Lisbon's Largo Hintze Ribeiro, this is also the first time a Portuguese woman has been listed in the worlds top 100.



Jacquelines work has a strong emphasis on storytelling through symbology where the cultural heritage of her artworks dynamic global locations are extensively explored as well as bringing awareness to local social issues and challenges. 
Nature also has a strong presence throughout the artist's work, bringing an ethereal calm where the chosen fauna and flora each have site specific symbolic or historic representation with Floriography (the language of flowers) delicately intertwined.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Watercolour is the artist's preferred medium which she fell in love with as a child, originally wanting to pursue scientific illustration.                          

Regardless of the surface she is working on, she manipulate her materials to create the effects and fluidity of watercolours - whilst encompassing and illuminating her subjects with precious metals whether a small scientific grade watercolour, a large canvas or a 400m/2 public street art mural on a weathered concrete wall. Her watercolour style of painting also leaves a reduced ecological footprint as the water based paint and pigment is diluted and layered the same way as watercolours are.


Jacqueline currently lives in Cascais, Portugal, where she maintains a full time studio practice.



Jacqueline de Montaigne's work is currently on show or available through:


Because art matters, Lisbon - Portugal


Landmark Street art Gallery, Cumbria - UK

Ben Oakley Gallery, London - UK

RESIDENCY (current)

Redbridge, 2023 - 2024, San Francisco & Lisbon


Jacqueline will be creating murals/art installations independently commissioned or as part of a festival in the following countries in 2024

Portugal - Lisbon, Marvila, Carcavelos, São Brás de Alportel, 

Germany - Goch & Stuttgart


Love, Love, Love, Bermondsey gallery, February, London - UK

Collective show, Millerntor gallery, May 2024, Hamburg - Germany

Collective show, Arte Box Institute, May, Washington DC - USA

Collective show, Arte Box, May, São Paulo - Brazil

Collective show, G. Gallery, July 2024, Barcelona - Spain

Music on the wall, Galleria Rosso 20 Sette, November 2024, Rome - Italy    

Because Art Matters, November, Lisbon - Portugal


(still a secret), Because Art Matters, May 2024, Lisbon - Portugal

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