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A selection of public and private mural interventions by Jacqueline de Montaigne. Jacquelines venture into murals and street art was late and unexpected after she was invited to paint for WOOL street art festival in Lx Factory (2016) during a time she had not yet returned to her art career.

Jacqueline has since painted over 100 medium.large scale murals around the world with her work being voted in the worlds top hundred murals in January 2023. Coming in at 35, this was the first time a Portuguese woman had been recognised at this level.

Hermurals are easily identifiable with her distinct colour choices and her unique and exclusive use of classical gilding techniques in an urban context. Jacquelines work can be found extensively in the centre of Lisbon, especially Caís do Sodré, Bairro alto and Lx Factory as well as globally. In the next 18 months Jacqueline will be participating in murals and paste-up festivals in Portugal, Germany, Guinea Bissau, Cabo Verde, Romania, Italy, Poland, UK and the US just to name a few.

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