Jacqueline de Montaigne (b1980) is a rapidly emerging Portuguese painter and muralist whose androgynous figures have burst onto the renowned and pioneering Portuguese street art scene in the last 2 years.

Inspired by the 90's punk rock/grunge scene, Peter Lindberg's androgynous portrait photography and vintage biology books, Jacqueline merges these three subjects creating dramatic, defiant and provocative art works. With the use of classical painting techniques and detailed application of delicate precious metals, Jacqueline works on extremely diverse surfaces, be it a 300m2 concrete wall, wood, a large scale canvas or a tiny scientific grade painting.


Jacqueline has exhibited her work in national and international galleries in both solo and collective shows since the age of 14 with her first sellout show a year later and an invitation for a short apprenticeship in Paula Rego's studio in London at the age of 19. Jacqueline's work has been shown in Eton, London, Lisbon, Tenerife, Madrid, Miami, Porto and an international touring exhibition based in South Africa. 

Although self taught, Jacqueline had the privilege of growing up under the eye of her two artistic grandfathers, a scientific botanical painter and a BAFTA winning art producer. Much of her childhood was spent in their studios, observing, learning, experimenting and creating.

Jacqueline has an academic background in Psychotherapy and medical ethics, subjects she took 7 years out of the art world to pursue after the birth of her youngest son. Jacqueline returned to her art career full time in 2017, 6 months after being invited to paint her 1st public mural for a leading street art curator. The artists murals have since spread around Portugal with recent invitations extending to Spain, France, Brazil and the UK. 

Born in Lisbon, Jacqueline was raised in Saudi Arabia, Scotland and East Asia, later returning to live in Portugal at the age of 21 where she currently maintains a full time studio practise.






Forthcoming solo exhibitions include  'The butterfly room' Espaço Exhibicionista, Lisbon, Portugal (June 2021) collective exhibitions include 'Blatantly Blue', Madrid (June 2020),  Espaço Exibicionista group show (June 2020) art interventions include, Teatro do Bairro, Bairro Alto, (March 2020)Arte Pública para Educação de Saúde, muralist & curator, Garcia da Horta Hospital, Almada, Portugal (June 2020), APAV + GAU, Lisbon (May 2020), WBTI, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative + United Nations + Direção Geral da Saúde, Lisbon, Maternidade Alfredo da Costa (June 2020) Forthcoming art fairs Roy's art fair, Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf, London, UK (2-5th April 2020).

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