JACQUELINE DE MONTAIGNE is a rapidly emerging Portuguese painter and muralist whose dramatic nature infused figurative art  can be found in international galleries and Portugal's pioneering street art scene as well as in international initiatives for social change/awareness under various United Nations Human Rights Conventions due to her works intermittent socio-political undertones.

Inspired by the androgyny movement of the last decade and old school scientific illustration, Jacqueline's signature work is often non binary with delicate infusions of nature, ornithological elements and tonal tattoo like drawings and texts representing memories, visions and statements. 

In a society obsessed with aesthetic perfection, superficial happiness and clear gender identity, Jacqueline consistently deconstructs these stereotypes in her work striving to provoke her viewer to see genderless beauty and an underlying theatrical defiance.

With diluted paint, Jacqueline's mimics and manipulates classical watercolour techniques on extremely diverse surfaces, transforming 

traditional subjects with a predominantly blue or monochromatic palette and the delicate addition of precious metals, be it a 300m2 street art mural, large canvas or a tiny scientific-grade painting.

Jacqueline has exhibited her work in national and international galleries in both solo and collective shows since the age of 14 with her first sellout show a year later and an invitation to do a short apprenticeship in Paula Rego’s studio in London at the age of 19. Her work has been shown in Eton, London, Lisbon, Tenerife, Madrid, Miami, Porto and in an international touring exhibition based in South Africa. Initiatives and campaigns using Jacqueline’s work have been used in Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Although self taught, Jacqueline had the privilege of growing up under the eye of her two artistic grandfathers, a scientific botanical painter and a BAFTA winning art producer. Much of her childhood was spent in their studios, observing, learning, experimenting and creating .

Jacqueline has an academic background in paediatric medical ethics - EU policy development, subjects she took 8 years out of the art world to pursue after the birth of her youngest son only returning to to her art career full time in 2018 with her murals since spreading around Portugal with invitations extending to Spain, Brazil and the UK.

Jacqueline lives in the coastal town of Cascais in Portugal where she maintains a full time studio practise. 

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